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A. Jenks Journal


little moments, big memories

Just a friendly reminder that the big moments in life aren’t the only ones worth capturing. The ins and outs of daily life with children, snotty noses, sleepless nights. there’s the ongoing chaos and mess, messy buns, dark circles under eyes and sips of cold coffee. The seemingly mundane and endless nature of motherhood will someday stand out in your memory as some of the best most precious moments of your life. Believe me, even though I’m still up to my armpits in dealing with small people problems (yep, toddler life is truly relentless). I also have an 18 year old son, a 12 year old daughter and a 9 year old son to prove that the time truly passes all too quickly.

document your days

Yesterday morning I woke to a flood of old pictures my mother had sent me through WhatsApp. See, my parents and all of my family are living across the other side of the world in southern California, while Im raising my family here in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia. Its always been a long way away, but now with borders closed indefinitely, it seems impossibly far away.

My grandparents passed away a couple months ago and my parents have been going through their things. Mom had come across a box of old pictures that my Grandma had saved. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes because I long to be there so badly. Anyways, the point of all of this is that out of all the photos that my mother sent to me, the one that stood out the most was a simple one of my mother leaning against the screen door of her and Dads first apartment. In the photo she’s wearing a bikini and her hair is carelessly piled on top of her head. The most striking thing about the photo wasn’t the photo itself, instead the emotional reaction it evoked in looking at it. It carried me to a time and place that no longer existed, a place I wouldn’t have been able to visit or experience had the photo never been taken in the first place.

My entire family has always been good at taking photos, not just photos of places and big moments, but the every day things too. Both sets of my grandparents saved boxes of photos and photo albums of all of the years, including the ones well before I was ever around. I am so grateful for all of them. I have continued the tradition by documenting moments in time and in doing so Im building a visual history for my children and eventually my grandchildren.

book in for a home session

I’d like to encourage you to give your children the gift of a glimpse into their childhood… a snapshot of the mother you were/are, and an image that represents a moment in time that became a rich thread of colour within the tapestry of their lives.

All of my photography comes from a place of emotion. My images are motivated by a raw, open place in my heart that has seen so much. I capture what I can with a sense of urgency. The march of time is relentless, the ageing process will not cease for anyone. So hold onto these moments forever, cherish them. Breathe deeply the scent of your little people while they are still little, hold them tighter and capture them… Today

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