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Ojai, california

Audrey + doug

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Sydney Australia

Louise + Richard

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Virginia, USA

Abbey + Ben

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The Friday people


Megan + Brayton

"Amber is full of joy and creativity. She captured our wedding day in a way that exceeded our expectations. She also made it fun and relaxing. That laid back feeling shows in the captures! We couldn't be happier!"


Rachel Kinred

"Amber is a brilliant photographer with an uncanny knack for capturing real life. Genuine smiles, sparkly eyes and raw emotion. I have the photos she took framed in my house and they make me smile everyday. Amber will capture a moment, and you'll get to keep it forever."


Dani Barclay

"Amber's work is a standout. She effortlessly captures precious and natural moments. She has an uncanny knack for reading the individual she is capturing and her images take the viewer on a journey."


Hightest of Praise

Let's make waves

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