Sandy Atkins

Let me show you there is no secret sauce, it's about us having a good time and letting the true beauty of the moment shine. Kinda like you ;)

I want to let you in on a little secret, no one actually feels very confident in front of the camera. We all have our own set of insecurities and frankly, the camera tends to bring them to the surface. It's not natural to sit perfectly still and stare down the barrel of the lens pointed in your face. That's why, we wont be doing any of that! We are going to laugh a lot, move a little, and capture your true beauty -- that is uniquely your own!

Let me guess, you are a fun and quirky soul that thinks you aren't photogenic...

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If you have an affinity for the ocean and love the idea of capturing that part of your life, then we need to talk! Wether its a lifestyle surf session, surf competition or your marketing a ocean based product, I am always ready with my water housing and my wetsuit! 

surf & Adventure

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From engagements and weddings to birthing suite photos, my photography is all about storytelling. I capture real, authentic moments that reflect who you truly are. In a world of curated perfection, I'm here to celebrate what is real. Discover more about my approach and book your session today!

Love stories

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Are you ready to elevate your brand and draw attention to your product or service? Lets have a conversation about your goals and objectives, and together we can develop a customized brand strategy package that aligns with your unique needs. I will ensure that every image tells your brand story and leaves a lasting impression.

Lifestyle Branding

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There was never a more perfect day in existence

Highest of Praise

If I have a superpower, it's putting people at ease and making them laugh. No, Im not a comedian, in fact sarcasm and self deprecation are my fall backs for crowd pleasers (insert laughs). 

I highly recommend making your session an event. Let it be fun! If you want to bring some drinks, a speaker, play some music and dance, I am about it! The most important thing at your session is that you are having fun, and feeling comfortable. That's why I recommend comfy clothing that you don't have to think (check out my free style guide if you haven't already). You see, clothing, makeup, and hair are (mostly unnoticed) accessories to what makes your images unforgettable!

Just let loose, it's going to be fun!

Sure, I'll help you find the best angles, and position you in beautiful light, but then get ready to laugh, sway, and lean into what makes you YOU! Sorry but we aren't here to create more stock photos. Your competitive edge is the fact that you are YOU, and I am going to coach you and prompt you just enough to let that shine! In real life we are never still and motionless, we are always moving, breathing, laughing... and that whats makes us so beautiful. The image we see reflected in the mirror is not what the rest of the world sees. We are not one dimensional and our photos shouldn't be either.

Be prepared to get CANDID.

As the world moves away from overly staged, curated, and unachievable perfection (thank god) what we all want more of is the simplicity of what is real.

I create imagery that takes you to the moment. Don't overthink your photography session or feel any of the normal nerves associated with having pictures taken -- because you are the art! Your story deserves to be told in all its beautifully realistic glory. I show up with high energy and a camera and together with a little natural light we create magic that is yours to keep for a lifetime.

Simple is always best.

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Let's create something truly meaningful.