Potential clients don't just  invest in products and services, they invest in people and stories. Brand storytelling is what drives referrals, retention and a higher lifetime investment from your client base. Telling your story through visuals that evoke an emotional response in your viewer will not only drive their desire to know more, but it will develop trust. Trust and connection are two driving factors in client investment. 

Draw your ideal client into
your story
with emotive visuals

Storytelling is the new push marketing. Don't tell your clients why they should invest, show them. Make your brand irresistible and intriguing.

Photography that tells your story

Take your personal brand to the next level with a lifestyle branding session! At A. Jenks Imagery we specialize in capturing your authentic self and story through vibrant images, making your brand stand out from the crowd. Our aim is to give your personal brand an extra lift and add more personality with natural lighting and unique posing. When you invest in a personal branding package, you are investing in taking your business and brand to the next level. 

Need a little extra support with social media and brand development? Enquire about our mentorship bundles.

Set yourself apart from the crowd and reach your target clients with vibrant visuals. 
Lifestyle branding with A. Jenks Imagery is more than great photos, it's a brand strategy.

The Essential $599

Ongoing Stories + Strategies
$500 per month after Essential session

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Lifestyle branding packages


lifestyle branding

• Phone or in-person strategy session (1 hour).
• Style guide included.
• 2-hour session in 1 location. 

• Phone or in-person strategy session (1 hour).
• Style guide included.
• 2 separate 2-hour sessions.
• Reels creation and tutorial.
• Post shoot strategy session (1 hour).

Monthly strategy sessions (2 1-hour) •
1 photography session (90 minute) •
Social media content creation support (1 month) •

Jenn from the friday people

The best investment in my business was booking with Amber at A. Jenks imagery. I have used her lifestyle branding and product services for 3 years and the value is priceless!

Praise from Brands

I value relationships and friendships. I believe trust is critical and so is value! Thats why I pour my heart, soul and passion into each of my clients journeys. 

By the time we go to shoot your first branding session, we are going to be friends. I want you to know firstly that my desire is for you to succeed in all of your endeavors. I will guide you and encourage you through the entire process. I'm not just your photographer, I am your friend, hype girl, and brand strategist!

Building your confidence is key to helping you show up authentically. I will provide you with wardrobe advice, and posing and location advice well before and during our sessions. I want you to feel supported and valued through the entire process.

Trust me, I've got you!

Think you don't have a story to tell? Think again my friend. Let me ask you this... Why are you in business? Who are you speaking to? What is your why? What do you like to do in your free time? Believe it or not the answers to these questions are the perfect material to be sharing in order to attract your likeminded client counterparts!

Why? Because its relatable! We all have a story, we all have a tribe of likeminded clients and supporters, the key is finding them. 

Be prepared to get Candid!

When you book your session with me, you can expect a comfortable, supportive experience from start to finish. With a 2-year degree in marketing and a keen eye for design, I will guide you in a strategy that suits your existing brand and personality, and allows you to develop it further. 

Getting in front of the camera and sharing your story can feel overwhelming and daunting but I am here to support your journey. I always include time to get to know you as the client. In doing so, I am able to guide you with a strategy that builds confidence in what you are sharing and attracts your ideal client. Post session we will meet again to ensure you are comfortable utilizing your new gallery of imagery!

Strategy, support and authentic visuals.

what to expect

Ocean lifestyle photography is legitimately my all time favorite type of photography. I have the skills and equipment to capture a wide range of products in the ocean and around it. Wetsuits, swimsuits, surfboards... bring it on!

I can offer this service at an additional fee. I can also offer mentorship and education so that you can learn how to utilize the images we create together to turn them into high conversion posts and trendy social media reels. 

Can you manage my instagram account?

In basic terms we are capturing your product in use. We show your existing and potential clients how much easier, better, and fabulous their lives will be once they utilize your product or service. The idea is when you bring life to a product, you drive an emotional response in your viewer. Statistics show that most women will make a purchase after having an emotional response to the item or service.

What is lifestyle product photography?

Can you capture ocean-based product in the water?

I offer on location services. I can provide the location as well as source the models if necessary. This gives you the liberty of saving time and money by sending your product to my location for a styled shoot.

Can i Send you my product for a lifestyle shoot?

In our initial strategy session, or discovery call I will get to know you. I will have already sent you a questionnaire that will help you answer a lot of the questions we need to go over. We will talk about your target audience (client avatar) and a lot about who you are and what story you should be telling through the imagery we will be creating for you. In subsequent meetings we will go over a posting strategy as well as content creation for your different platforms.

What is covered in a strategy session?

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