Are you obsessed with the ocean and the wild outdoors as much as I am? One of the reasons I love capturing elopements is that there's typically an adventure element to it! There is nothing more spectacular than a gallery telling the story of a great escapade. In my adventure photography offerings I capture unforgettable moments and create compelling visual stories that place you at the center. From the great oceans to the wild wilderness, every journey has its own unique story waiting to be told. Wether you are creating a family legacy, capturing a product in action, or looking to adorn your walls or website with unique and evocative imagery, there is a package for you. Don't see what you're looking for? Schedule a call and we will build a custom package to adjust to your needs!

Life is an adventure, lets capture it!

Invest in yourself and your story by having it captured and told in a golden light filled, emotion heavy piece that will last for generations.

Life is an adventure, live it

Time is a precious commodity a currency that could never be quantified. The value in this type of photography is that I am giving you time. Time to be yourself and experience your adventure in the present, with the ones you love, while I capture it all. Imagine getting to be completely in the moment, never needing to stop and document anything? That's why I am here. So you can live your life, be present, and experience the adventure, knowing you'll be covered. 

Starting at $750 per person. Includes full gallery for each individual. Also includes a gallery and model releases for marketing material.

Book a discovery call for more information.

Book a discovery call for more information.

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for the adventurous

Ventura County Christian school

Amber captured our school trip to catalina with so much emotion and joy. The offering was incredible as all the parents received a gallery full of images depicting their children's experience of a lifetime!

Kind words 

Do you ever sit and remember a time,  person, or place and you just wish for one second that you could return to it? Well that is exactly what we are going to create for you. This gallery will be a time capsule that will enable you to submerse yourself within the experience.

Memories you'll want to
relive over and over

If there's one thing I understand, it's ADVENTURE. Growing up on a sailboat and having the opportunity to sail the Pacific for 7 years was just the start for me. Nothing fills me with more excitement than when my clients ask me along on their adventure. Maybe you are capturing a product, writing a book, or building your family photo album, I will be there for it all!

You live your adventure...
I'll capture it

Do you ever scroll Instagram or Pinterest and just swoon over those emotion, light filled captures that almost make your heart ache? Like there's so much emotion that it literally transports you into the moment? And then you might wonder what it would take to have your own story told with such emotion and grit? Well thats why I'm here! Growing up I was always told I was too sensitive. I have always had HUGE feelings, but let me tell you something, that is going to benefit you MASSIVELY! You see, I am not just here to capture your moment, I am going to feel it right there with you! I pour my heart into your story, so that I can capture the FEELING! 

Photography that tells the whole story...

what to expect

Your deposit for these sessions is not refundable, however, it is transferable. based on availability.

Is my deposit refundable for the purpose of weather, etc.

For every adventure gallery that I create, there will be two short form videos included as a summary of the trip. As far as video beyond this scope, I do have a team that I work with and can easily source videographers to capture a more cinematic piece if desired to accompany the still gallery.

Do you offer Videography packages?

Absolutely! In fact, if your destination is one of the ten "bucket list" destinations on my list, I will completely waive your travel fee and offer a discount on my services!

Do you offer discounts for certain destinati?ons

I consider myself more of a visual storyteller. This means that my style is very candid and in the moment. I aim to create an emotion forward, editorial piece on your lifestyle event or adventure. The final gallery will be very much influenced by the unique personalities and dynamics of each couple/family that I work with.  

What sets you apart as a photographer?

Ok seriously I am just hoping this is a burning question of yours. There is no better vibe to capture than that of your family enjoying a summer day in the pool! I have all the gear to jump in the pool and capture the whole thing. If you've been hoping for some unique, fine art maternity photos, the pool is a very great choice! Don't have your own pool, leave it with me, I have a list of local resources we can explore.

Can you capture maternity or family sessions in our pool?

Whatever the adventure is, I will be involved from start to finish! Camping, hiking, swimming... you name it, I will be there capturing it all! The gallery that will be handed over to parents and children will consist of a broad array of images that tell the entire story. All parents will be able to download all of the images or just the ones they want. Model releases will be provided for the school so that the school itself can utilize images captured for marketing and website. 

What is included in the school adventure packages?

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