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A. Jenks Journal


“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

I was born in Southern California in 1983. When I was 4 years old my family moved onto a 43 foot sailboat. We lived on the boat in San Diego until I was 10 at which point we left to sail around the Pacific. I wouldn’t return to live in California until I was 16.

During our travels around the world my eyes were opened to what an incredible world we live in. So many cultures, customs and different lifestyles. Add in different landscapes, skin colours, languages and all of the sudden the world is so beautiful and intriguing!

I didn’t have a camera at this stage in my life but I had a desire to capture the beauty I was observing on a daily basis. I began drawing to express my creativity, It wasn’t until years later, after I began living in California again that I bought my first Camera.

My first son was born right after I turned 20 years old and all of the sudden I had so much to capture. Life seems to kick into fast forward once you have children, and the only time it stops is when you hit the shutter. 16 years later I am a mother of four children and my camera is never in its bag! There are so many moments I love to capture, but my favourite moments are always the ones when they don’t even notice I am there. I love to capture the natural, raw beauty of the ones I love and the clients that trust me to capture their own special moments.

I am inspired by nature, the love shared by family, the innocence of children and how the natural light illuminates all of these components that make up magical memories to hold onto forever.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is a motto I live by, so here I begin venturing in the business of capturing moments and turning them into memories.


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