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If I had a motto in life… it would be Big Dreams require Big Action

My personal adventure through life and road to becoming who I am today has been a winding, weaving, colourful ride. Perhaps its my alternative upbringing or my own determination to find fulfilment and joy that has kept me moving forward in my life until I landed where I am today. I am a mother to 4 vibrant humans who amaze and inspire me every single breath of every day. I am a wife to a man who is my best friend and is just easy…like “Sunday morning”. I am a little sister to an incredible, creative, supportive older sister. And I am a daughter to parents who encouraged my creativity, raised me to be resilient, independent, free thinking and eccentric. It’s these qualities that have seem me achieve the life of my dreams.

I was born in the Coachella Valley (made famous recently by the Coachella Music Festival). At the age of 4, my parents traded the house they built in Desert Shores for a 43ft sailboat in San Diego, California. Together with my sister, we lived in San Diego until I was 10, at which point we set sail on the adventure of a life time. Over the next seven years, our family would sail the Pacific Rim. During these years we would visit dozens of countries, explore cultures, learn languages, and make friends that would last a lifetime all over the world. I was taught to sail and maintain watch at night, I still remember gazing at the Milky Way in the middle of the Pacific, while the warm trade winds gently filled our sails… Looking back, I cant pinpoint the exact moment my passion for photography was sparked, but it I know it was inspired during this period of my life. I picked up my first camera in my late teens when we had settled back into life in Southern California, and though it would be years before I  pursued this passion professionally, it was one of my favourite pastimes outside of surfing, which I’ve been doing since my Dad taught me as a child.

With the birth of my first son Ethan, came a new wave of inspiration for capturing all the little, seemingly inconsequential moments.. though I would stress now, that there is no such thing… in fact every moment is precious.

There’s so much more that I could tell you about my life and how I came to be here, just as I’m sure you have an incredible story that’s led you to this moment right now.

But for now the point of this page is to tell you that all of these experiences in my life have shaped my perspective, and its perspectives that separate photographers. I see life through the lens of gratitude, love, kindness and the perpetual belief that there is hope and joy in every moment. I bring a laid back, beach infused, Southern Californian splash of gold warmth into my captures. I am fascinated with light and colour and how they interact with my subjects. I love all the bright vibrant moments, yet understand that there is a time, place and stage for muted, quiet images.

For now I’ll close with these beautiful words from my favourite author…..
“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”… ~Dr.Seuss

I’m excited to capture those memories for you!

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